Double bathtime = a trip to A & E

Posted: April 12, 2014 in family
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I forgot to post this when the bathtime incident took place.

It was about 3 weeks ago, and we decided it would be a good idea to give both kids a bath at the same time – what could go wrong?

We carefully placed baby in her bath seat, she had been loving bath times, and just seems really chilled whilst in the water. We plonked toddler in the bath in front of her, and smirked at our nice little double bathing plan.

Everything was going swimmingly, we were splashing water, and playing with toys, as was the norm. Before we had a chance to blink we were being bombarded with toys as ‘big’ baby was throwing things out the bath. This again was normal. However, what happened next was a complete shocker. He picked up his biggest plastic bath toy and threw it forward, landing right on babies face. It happened in slow motion, and we quickly picked her up to hug her and assess the damage. Mummy was in a state (thinking the worst that there would be some damage to her face) and we were all either shouting or crying. Baby was sick straight away, which made us even more panicked.

We called 112 straight away for advice and they suggested we take her straight to A & E. So after the excellent in laws came over to watch the wee man and put him to bed, we headed off to hospital. We were seen fairly quickly and the doctor put us at ease. He told us he could not see any of the ‘red flag’ indicators (I.e limp unresponsive child) and that she seemed perfectly well. She had a bruise and red mark under her eye, so I was worried she may have some eye damage. He confirmed everything was ok. As we were worried that she had been sick the doctor told us it’s only a concern for young children if they are sick 3 times. The first time was just shock basically. He also said how resilient young children are, it is pretty difficult to break their bones as they are so supple, soft and flexible.

Panic over, thankfully she was perfectly fine and no lasting injuries. We’ve learnt not to try and bathe them again together – well at least for a few months until she is big enough to throw toys back.

Can’t take your eyes off them for a second


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