Back to work: part 1

Posted: March 31, 2014 in Work
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Having seen my works occupational health doctor I now have a date set to return to work. This is great news as it gives me something to focus on and aim for.

I was told by the doctor how people that are off work sick for more than 3 months really struggle to get back into work. I’m pleased to be getting back in pretty much around the 3 month mark. I realise this is quite a long period to be off sick, but I also now realise the recovery period for mental health problems can not be rushed without causing potential further relapses.

Actually knowing I’m going back to work has left me in a mixed mood over the last few days. On one hand I am really nervous/anxious about it (what will I say to people? How will I cope? Will I be able to perform in the role, as I know I can?). On the other hand I am really excited about it, and am starting to picture myself in work, and carrying on with my day in a ‘normal’ way. Being able to picture myself doing it is a great sign for me, as a few weeks ago I wasn’t even able to think positively about it, and I would feel very agitated even thinking about it.

I’ve been given a report from the doctor which lists the reason for my sickness along with some recommendations for my return to work. These include doing a phased return (half hours, then three quarters hours, then back up to full time), having regular catch ups to prioritise work, and hopefully having my own desk. I’ve come to realise how much I rely on structure and routine, so hot-desking was making me feel out of sorts.

I do feel a lot better in myself. My mood has lifted a lot. I can’t say which one specific thing helped me the most, but I will definitely be trying to keep up with the mindfullness meditation. It seems to have brought a lot of calm to my otherwise busy mind. Slowing the mind, and thinking positively are two things I need to focus on and maintain in order to keep myself balanced and healthy.

Wish me luck


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