Be Mindful?

Posted: March 11, 2014 in health
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In my previous post I mentioned mindfulness. I’ve read some more about it, and it has really got me thinking. Can a key treatment for depression lie in mindful meditation?

There are a few key points in this black dog tribe article that resonate with me. The first thing that startles me is that three million Brits suffer depression and it costs the UK economy £11 billion in lost productivity. Being one of these people makes me feel bad, as it highlights the fact I am off work; on the other hand it also opens my eyes to how massive the problem really is. The second thing that interested me is that mindful meditation (Or Mindfullness Based Cognitive Therapy) has been shown to reduce the chances of a relapse for people that have suffered three or more episodes of depression. I just worked out that I have now suffered four major episodes of depression. Of course, it is always there, but there have been four specific episodes that have had a debilitating effect on me and my life at that stage.

I think that most people will try anything to help them out, and alongside typical treatments like medicine and talking therapies, I’d say that meditation is a great thing to try. I’m not sure it can be called a cure, as there is not a magic cure for mental health illnesses. However, it is free, widely available, and beneficial to everyone, not just people with health problems.

With very little practice, the methods of mindfullness can be used every day; it’s as simple as breathing and being aware of yourself and your surroundings. I’ve found a good book about mindfullness, and there are plenty of free text and audio guides on the web. Why not give it a try?

And breathe…


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