Holding the baby

Posted: February 26, 2014 in family
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Week 2
We’re into week 2 now, and our wee babber is growing up so fast already. She is already very alert, and trying to hold her head up. I can’t really remember the days/weeks for such developments from child number one, but this does seem a bit early for head control. As is customary for all parents, we’re putting this down to how clever and advanced our child is – well you have to really don’t you?

One of the main differences this time round is the nappy changing. There basically aren’t as many bits to deal with. And the bits that are there need to be cleaned in a certain order, which can be easy to forget when you’re faced with a huge dollop of chicken korma like dump. The other thing we are doing this time is using baby wipes; it’s just so much easier than preparing water and cotton wool every time (bad parents?). I read that we should be changing nappies 10 times a day, we really need to up our game or else little cherub is going to get some nasty nappy rash.


Holding the baby
Now that there are equal number of adults and children in the house, it stands to reason that at any given time I’m going to be in charge of at least one child. We’ve had plenty time with just baby, as big brother has been at nursery and nannies (we think it’s important to keep him in a routine that he knows so he l doesn’t feel like the new baby has changed his life too much). When we do have both children to look after we’ve adopted a sort of tag team approach. This is most in force during the night time routine. Where previously both adults used to chase after the 2 year old, now we basically deal with one each. This works out very well with daddy and boy enjoying a playful bath-time and pyjama routine, while mummy and girl bond over the sharing of some breast milk or the afore mentioned chicken korma (thanks for sorting that one out mummy). After we’ve done our bit we pass each other on the stairs, giving each other the tag, and swap for a mummy and boy story, and a daddy and girl cuddle.

Baby has been sleeping a lot, which is of course what new babies do in order to grow. The problem with babies is they have no concept of day and night. This means she sleeps/wakes/eats/poos whenever she feels like it. A lot of the sleeping does seem to be through the day, which is great, however she is often at her most alert in the early evening and through to the wee hours. She has actually been pretty good, and sleeping for a good 4 hour stint through the night. I don’t remember that happening with child number one until about 5 months old.

Everything does seem to be a little easier this time around, mainly in that we don’t panic at every cough, movement or squeak that comes from the baby crib. Perhaps it’s all going to be a breeze after all, I say with fingers and toes crossed.

Keep up the good work miss B.

  1. Sounds about right. Whereas the first child gets dropped toys / dummies sterilised, the second child just gets a quick wipe and back into the mouth. Consequently child two has massively more robust immune system. Which in your case Stu is a good preparation for haggis later in life. Have fun x

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