3 becomes 4, for real

Posted: February 15, 2014 in family
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So the day finally arrived where our little family of 3 became our complete family of 4. This will be the absolute total number of family members in our household, save for the odd goldfish, hamster or bearded dragon (that last ones gonna be for me).

The build up
Anyone that has gone through it will know the build up to baby’s arrival can be fraught with all sorts of chaos. Our main tale to tell with this pregnancy was the fact baby decided to labour for almost 72 hours. That’s a bloody long time to be dealing with the pain of contractions, but I was brave and got through it. Sara was excellent too of course. One tip at this stage: do not practice the breathing exercises directly in front of your ladies face after eating roast beef monster munch, it won’t be appreciated.

The main event
I don’t think it right to share all the gory details of the delivery room, but let’s just say there was blood, sweat and tears (of the eye watering kind). The team delivering baby Menzies was excellent, and they fully deserved the obligatory box of celebrations we bought for them. I’m grateful the team were so good, as I was nervous that I’d forgotten all the things I needed to know about the delivery room, turns out I basically had. The actual time in the delivery room was around 7 hours which is relatively short I guess.

In my previous 3 becomes 4 post I told how we had not found out the sex of the baby. We were sure we were having a second boy, however to our amazement and joy we were blessed with a little girl. I did actually call this about 1 hour prior to delivery, for which Sara owes me five English pounds.

Big brother
The moment had arrived for new arrival to meet big brother. We had it all planned, we bought a present and card from baby to ‘give to’ big brother. The card (along with big brother badge) found it’s way to the bin within 30 seconds. The present, on the other hand, was a stroke of genius; It was a toy Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, coincidently his favourite film. He loves it, and was soon happily stroking baby’s cheek. There’s a lot to be said for bribery when it comes to bringing up children.

We are both absolutely delighted with the arrival of our beautiful baby girl. We can’t wait to get mummy and baby home and start our new life as a family of 4.

Go team Menzies-Bushnell

  1. Valerie says:

    LOL – Love your take on the situation! 😉
    Congratulations and well done on your gender prediction!!


  2. Grant says:

    How’s the family of 4 doing bro!?


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