Aye pad?

Posted: February 10, 2014 in family
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We have asked this question a few times in our house, is it ok for our 2 year old boy to use the iPad? I say aye (being Scottish does not sway my answer, it just changes the way I say it). Do we use it for educational purposes? Not always. Do we use it for an easy life? Sometimes. Does he learn whilst using the iPad? I would say yes, always.

I would suggest that today’s children are learning in a completely different way to how we learned 30 or so years ago. Technology back in the 70s was obviously very basic, we had telephones attached to cables on the wall, we had small square TV sets with dials and buttons and we had to learn to read/write/count from simple books and toys.

Without getting too involved in the science behind it I’ve read that around 40% of children will use an iPad before they can even string a sentence together. Does this mean it’s a bad thing though? I don’t think it is. I don’t think it’s any different to letting children play with a lot of the other toys out there today, some of which are so technical they are practically mini iPads anyway (I’m thinking of child laptops like leapfrog etc).

So long as the appropriate age restrictions are in place, and the use of the iPad is limited to a reasonable length of time then I am all for kids of today enhancing their education with the help of an iPad. Our lad can watch his favourite cartoons, draw pictures, learn numbers, colours and shapes and also manages to find ways to use the iPad that neither of his parents had seen before (how embarrassing).

I think it’s important to play on the iPad with your children, rather than using the iPad as a substitute for your attention. I’ve become quite used to ‘losing’ several games in the honour of good sportsmanship.

It’s probably a good idea to ensure you have suitable apps on your iPad before leaving it in the hands of your child. A little bit of digging around the App Store should yield plenty of age appropriate apps (and not just games).

Happy swiping.


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